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  • Show your game statistics
  • Code sample available for forums and homepages
  • Many designs and sizes to suit your needs
The HLSW Status-Indicator is a banner which can be displayed in forums and websites to show your online status and your gaming statistics to others.

How To Use

  • To enable the Status-Indicator you need an HLSW account on
  • Log in to the account on the website and click on the "community-settings"-link in your "myHLSW"-menu
  • To have full functionality check all three boxes
  • By clicking on "public profile" you should see your buddies and your gaming history now
  • Click on the "Status-Indicator" link
  • You can select the size and the style how your status and statistics should be displayed
  • Below the preview is now the html code, which can be copied into a forum or a website

    Note: For gathering your gaming statistics it is necessary to have HLSW running while playing. For generating the gaming statistics at least HLSW version 1.2.0 is required.